Just What the World Needs – Another Blog

“But you already had a blog.”
Yes, I then realised it was linked to some mad blathering from when I wasn’t very well. some years ago now. So I’m going to borrow the politician’s quick fix for everything and ‘draw a line’ under that. We forget the manic abuse of my enemies, the Police cautions, the sad wailing at the moon and open a new chapter of informed comment, acerbic observation and an attempt to ease up on the death threats. Which I wouldn’t have carried out. Or got anyone else to do. (Especially not after two so called accomplices let me down. You just can’t get the staff.)

So, acclaimed novelist (round about the millennium), Jazz Virtuoso, (sometimes allowed to play outside my front room), Pop Star, (1983, briefly, saxophonist on Tom Robinson’s War Baby also Roy Harper, Kiki Dee, Bert Jansch)¬† Eclectic House Fiend, (Soundcloud Superstar) and Tarot Master DarkTantraTarot.moonfruit.com please check out my wife Ruth Ramsden’s amazing erotic artwork…Retired Sex Worker, Sex Industry Factotum, Recovering Addict and Alcoholic,

Hang on, that’s already too much to communicate, and people will in any case be looking at cute pictures of cats on skateboards. Never mind, here’s some free music. (Free to listen to, not that skiddly bonk, pianos falling down stairs RUBBISH that lost us the jazz audience in the 70s. “He’s off again. Didn’t last long, did it?”)

http://snd.sc/VCjPu4 Get Carter SAXUAL house mix Bangin’, as I believe the kiddies say. Mark Ramsden saxophone, production Louise Gibbs vocals


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