Anne Billson’s blog Film Criticism and more excellent film criticism, and more, from Anne Billson
She posited 5 rom coms that don’t make you hurl.

1 I Could Never Be Your Woman 2 Definitely, Maybe 3 Music and Lyrics 4

10 Things I Hate about You 5 Overboard

Good choices. To which I added. (blushing, and holding a freshly polished apple for Miss.)

Really interesting, some good movies to note down there.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs, (Janeane Garafalo, Ben Chaplin, Uma Thurman) is smart and so good hearted that Jeanne Garafalo can’t stand it.

Better than cute kids are the animals Garafalo cares for, she’s a Vetinarian and Talk Radio Pet Whisperer.

Silly plot, Thurman impersonates Garafolo because she’s too insecure for Chaplin but it’s, please don’t say I said this, cute and charming. Appealing protagonists, beautiful setting, good unobtrusive jazz, sharp dialogue.
thethirteenthcaesar says:
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October 12, 2012 at 10:39

Doh! Teach me to be soppy, should have been ‘veterinarian’ or what we English call a Vet. MrRamsden1


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