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Truth Lies Buried Lesley Ann Sharrock   

It was a pleasure to write a pre publication review of this novel which should be out in the Spring.

This hot new author’s second novel hits the ground digging, right in the middle of the action, then maintains a fast, twisty trajectory throughout its generous length. A tough female protagonist, credibly motivated with a military background that rings true, becomes the Guardian of a dead gangster’s son, a child old before his time. They soon face vile, ruthless opposition in a struggle for survival. As with Elmore Leonard, the ever changing plot is foremost, without satisfying interesting characters. The unlovely changing face of English crime, wide open to utterly callous migrants, is well drawn. If you’ve always viewed nouveau riche Essex villains with some distaste this will confirm your suspicions while allowing you a vicarious wallow in the lives of the rich and tasteless, just as one can enjoy the Sopranos at a safe distance. Either well researched or owing something to insider knowledge, maybe both, this fast ride will keep you guessing all the way to the end.

Ian Hislop and I share a birthday, though he’s about five years younger. Not a pretty sight but he looks better en femme than I ever did during some unwise clubbing adventures.
Picture from cookd (sic) and bombed, a painfully earnest comedy discussion site where it’s thought (yawn) ‘racist’ to utter the slightest criticism of Al Qaida and where people make excuses for the likes of Jonathon King. Mind you at their age I once had vague sympathies for the Baader Meinhof gang. The only cure is time.