Is fusion funk for the sartorially challenged?

If politics is show business for charmless control freaks, is fusion funk for the sartorially challenged? Lee Rittenour’s cheery sky blue, long-sleeved tee perfectly acceptable in Hollywood, of course. I suppose they all had cocktails on the beach after this predictably flawless performance. No, we’re not jealous. Papa Was a Rolling Stone. Live but slicker than most studio albums. And very good indeed.

Not for those who confuse sincerity with incompetence – twee imbeciles like Josie Long and too many rock critics. Real soul requires discipline.

Daily Telegraph Slutshaming Literary Erotica

I couldn’t see what was wrong with half of the 10 erotic passages the Daily Telegraph finds so risible.
However: Tom Wolfe and ‘the otorhinolaryngological caverns.” Was he trying to nuke Will Self into submission? And he dresses like a Batman villain.