Robert Downey jnr. Lush in Lederhosen

Is the world really ready for Bavarian Chic? I once moved there mostly because my level of alcoholism was taken as social drinking. Much as I love Munich, is this outfit entirely WISE?

This reminded me of the Big Breakfast asking Samuel L Jackson to try Morris Dancing, which he managed without losing any cool whatsoever. Iron Man Robert Downey jnr’s insouciant brilliance is similarly, er, iron clad. So what if Mr Downey looks a little, well, a lot, GAY. As long as he doesn’t start slapping other guy’s leather clad butts while yodeling he’ll probably get away with it.

On the subject of straight guys sometimes looking a little metrosexual, extremely talented screenwriter and author Philip Ridley was once asked if the money men were a bit worried by the homo eroticism in the movie The Krays. He replied, ‘They wouldn’t notice homo eroticism if Brad Pitt, in Calvins, offered them a rim job.’ wenn_t_ironman3germanypremiere_120413h


2 thoughts on “Robert Downey jnr. Lush in Lederhosen

  1. If any of my American buddies are unfamiliar with rhyming slang, beloved of Cockneys, crims and old Boho wrecks like me, Iron Hoof rhymes with poof, HATE CRIME ALERT!which I’m allowed to use comedically, because I was once bisexual/ transgendered/ whatevs.

  2. …that’s various form of trans, (occasionally) for the purposes of debauchery , a twenty year fetish marathon along the roads of excess. This should have led to the palace of wisdom, and not to being washed up on the coach wandering where the fuck the remote control is. Time to stop talking to myself. Before I start listening.

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