Inland Empire: Trapped inside David Lynch’s K hole

I somehow survived Inland Empire last night, 3 hours trapped inside David Lynch’s plotless K hole, which at least looks gorgeous, to be hit with the Coen Brothers’ Book of Job rerun A Serious Man, in which nasty things happen to someone you don’t care about in a smalltown suburb in the 60s. Everyone looks terrible. There’s a thoroughly dispiriting ending. Thanks, guys. Any more of my heroes want to vanish up their own fundaments? Oh yeah, David Sanborn’s just released a boring acoustic album (WHICH IS PERFECTLY GOOD IF YOU GIVE IT A CHANCE. PLEASE EXCUSE THAT IDIOTIC SNAP VERDICT.) I suppose the concluding season of Breaking Bad will be rebooted as a talent show with Ricky Gervais as one of the judges.

Beyond 50 Shades. Radical Desire: Kink and Magickal Sex. Your guide to the outer limits.

(one edition of 50 Shades had a businessman with tie. There’s even less excuse for the handlebar moustache. Long gone. As is the MR glyph on my hand. Covered with a blue rose.)Photo 497 Re-written with much new material
Completely new illustrations & 3 bonus short stories

“The wit and wisdom of Mark Ramsden’s illuminating text delivers a gripping journey through a rich seam of sexual expression. Read this book, enjoy this book, for it deserves your utmost attention. Over 40? Fat? The style gurus say you’re not sexy, not horny, this book says ‘Bollocks!’ An essential reference work… And bloody good fun too.” – – John Carter

Introduction /The Way In /The Death of Sado-Masochism. If Only… /Safe Words /Adult Babies /An Evening At The Torture Garden /Piercing /Corsets /Rubber /Sex Accessories /Bisexuality /Footnote /Switching /Shakespeare And Radical Desire /The Dark Side Of Tantric Sex /Fetish Sex Work /Radical Desire And Media Disinformation /Scarification /The Law Of Diminishing Returns /What Trina Said /My Lord Lucifer /To The Devil A Daughter / /Sex Toys / /Reggie Kray And Little Freddie /Vampire Eroticism: Rapidly Gaining Ascendency On The Scene /For Your Arse Only: Ian Fleming and Kink /Gordon Brown – A case for non-erotic asphyxiation /The Abba Test / The Rimming Machine /Short Stories: Nick/’Nicola’ /Mr Strict – The Diary of a Corrective Therapist /Madam Petra /21st Century Eddie Drood – Charles Dickens Remixed /The Meaning Of Life /

Amazon review

“This slim (140 pages) book is part brutally honest, unpretentious and often hilarious autobiography, (page 28 is a full page photograph of Mr Ramsden’s pierced penis with the caption “The author making a dick of himself with his eighth Prince Albert upgrade”) part encyclopaedia of fetish (including Piercing, Corsets, Rubber, Switching and Scarification) part tour guide for fetish-loving tourists (“Some say the dungeon play (at Club Rub) is not as extreme as at certain clubs but then I don’t go to a club to see perverts fisting each other. I can get that at home.”) part fine visual art (all illustrations by Ruth Ramsden) and part fiction (2 kinky short stories, here’s an excerpt from “Madam Petra”: Sometime, somewhere, we are always together. Exchanging fragments of dreams and whispered prayers. In the long, slow, sweet dance of desire. Warmed by a pussycat smile.) and entirely satisfying.

Radical Desire: Kink & Magickal Sex
, is not so much a book as it is an experience; one that kinksters, new, experienced, or jaded, should not miss.” “Madeleine”


The DARK TANTRA TAROT is a synthesis of sex, fetishism and spirituality created by Mark & Ruth Ramsden.




Not so flamboyantly hirsute, now, eh, Mr Tenant?

Pet Shop Boys bellend Neil Tenant exhibiting one of the most curious male pattern baldness ‘dos this side of Will Gompertz. (BBC arts Max Wall lookalike. Well worth a google.) Lives in Rye where everyone hates him. I will return in a few years to see how he has attempted to maintain the illusion of having a young man’s haircut. Perhaps hoping to still have young men. You’re five hundred in gay years. It’s all over. Just crawl in your grave and die. neil_tennant-431x300