Baddha by Elson Quick

Loving this  book about seeking Bhuddist enlightenment in the Far East. My Amazon review.
5.0 out of 5 stars Like a younger, never grumpy Paul Theroux. And much better on sex and enlightenment. 11 July 2013
By Mark Ramsden
Man gets lost while seeking enlightenment, gets mired in desire.

Wise, funny, no mosquitoes. Excellent travel writing, giving us a vivid account of Laos, Cambodia, Burma, and Thailand, and many shrewd observations of people and places. A level headed view of the sex trade and the business of Bhudda. Much helpful advice for Dharma Bums, plenty to chew on if you’ve ever dabbled with Zen. Very good if you’re more On The Couch than On The Road and essential if you’re visiting the Far East or just want to have fun.
Kindle edition v cheap right now


3 thoughts on “Baddha by Elson Quick

  1. I remember thinking it was a shame I couldn’t be properly spiritual like one of those real Bhuddists – Alan Watts perhaps – for about five minutes when I was 16. It then turned out he was an alcoholic, drug user who liked kinky sex, the very path I walked for so many years. The Way of the Hippy Hedonist. This delightful book is a great comfort to those of us following, er, ‘Middle Way Bhuddism?’. The slack-ass Siddhartas. The bone-idle Bhuddists.

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