Steve Coogan T-girl. ‘He Really Let Himself Down’.

The Madame of a Mayfair Fem Dom club once said to me, of Mr Coogan’s tarting around en femme, about fifteen years ago, ‘He really let himself down.’ He had been behaving sexually at a sex party. Is there no limit to male depravity? Had he been ‘topping from the bottom’, particularly heinous if you’re a control freak, dignity Domme? Some prefer BDSM to be a type of dressage. Many Dommes think they should be showered with money and services offering only unavailability in return. (Many submissive men also think this. Must be Stockholm Syndrome.)

“He really let himself down.”  He was actually an attractive T-girl – well, I quite fancy Pauline Calf – which is fairly miraculous considering some of the dreadful Dorrises on the scene. But no prizes for that or his deserved fame or all the great comedy he had created. He was lecherous in a brothel. Shock horror! If only people knew how to behave!


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