The Psychopath Test Jon Ronson – Entertaining & Illuminating

I got 18 out of 20 on the test itself, the one used throughout the madness industry. Part of me wants to man up and get the other two points but I’m stuck with empathy and remorse. I’d review the book if it weren’t for my Narcissistic Personality Disorder, suffice to say if you were ever worried about being nuts check out the people who make the rules, also the undiagnosed business & banking creeps, ‘no planers’ like transvestite spy and Messiah David Shayler, (who thinks 9/11 was done with holograms). Then there’s the Haitian death squad butcher, a ham fisted criminal profiler partly responsible for the Colin Stagg debacle, L Ron Hubbard and a man who pretended to be mad to avoid a prison sentence then couldn’t get out of Broadmoor. He was kept in because of the test. And pretending to be sane was ‘just what a psychopath would do’.
Ronson, perceptive as ever, nails the pathologising of common personality traits. Essential reading.


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