Carrie Fisher Wishful Drinking

Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking is currently 99p on Kindle. A lovely memoir by a wise, humble, empathic person. Addiction, bipolarity, being the child of Hollywood royalty. How drama school tongue twisters helped her with the unsayable: Star Wars dialogue. Her gay best friend dying in bed with her, marriage to Paul Simon, LSD advice from Cary Grant and so much more. Shame she didn’t write about rehab with Ozzie Osbourne, then again you’re not supposed to. Short but delightful, like her.

I once blundered into the back of Paul Simon, back stage at the San Remo song festival. He turned round, looked up and apologised, despite it entirely being my fault.
And, Bert Jansch told me there was very nearly Simon and Jansch before Simon and Garfunkel got going. Suppose Bert would have been richer but we wouldn’t have had Pentangle.

Paul Simon’s Hearts and Bones. One of three songs he wrote for her.

A Song For Saturday: Santa Clause Is Coming To Town by Bjorn Again

The Tom Robinson Band once hung out with Bjorn Again at a big festival in Belgium. ‘Agnetha’ said that Kurt Cobain had told her Bjorn Again was his favourite band. Lovely people, deservedly popular. Our pianist couldn’t handle beer and dope so later staggered to the balcony to lightly vomit over…Bjorn Again as they walked out to play. The drummer copped it but, in a superb display of Aussie machismo didn’t even mind, gave him an enthusiastic thumbs up before going on to delight yet another vast crowd. Proper rock n roll.


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