Trump: His only exercise is schadenfreude. He’s human foie gras.

MIld-mannered Ashes hero David Steele addressing the Australian wicketkeeper: ‘Marshie, you see this arse of mine, take a good look because you’ll be seeing a lot of it this summer.’ How much longer will we see Trump’s fat arse? (Sorry, my ‘no Trump’ resolution lasted 2 days and 3 hours.)
There may never be enough decent Republicans for successful impeachment, despite likely Democrat gains this year, but surely there’s enough lying, obstruction of justice and enriching himself for Mueller? You’d think…
Best hope: you can’t live on junk food, not after 70. His only exercise is schadenfreude. He’s human foie gras. Dare we hope? As Paul Whitehouse’s grim old lady would say, or hiss; ‘I curse you!’trump assi curse youblotus