The Lost Will and Testament of Jake Thackray – John Watterson

There’s more of Jake Thackray’s unique fusion of Yorkshire folk and French Chanson? Fantastique! (And if this is cultural appropriation there’s nowt wrong with it, mon ami). Unreleased songs, some newly completed from material discovered while Mr Watterson was researching his forthcoming biography of Jake.
The vocals are very reminiscent of Jake Thackray. Paul Thompson has captured the guitar style and composed fresh music when only the original lyrics could be found. The music is flawless as are the expanded lyrics from short originals, perfect invisible mending. ‘You can’t see the join’ to quote another Northern genius.

Jake’s son Sam is pleased as are Ralph McTell, Neil Gaiman, Don Black and radio producer Victor Lewis Smith. So who cares if I like it? It’s more ‘who wouldn’t like it’?

Having recently heard Ted Hughes reading his Ovid (pretentious, moi?), couldn’t help seeing a connection: dark, handsome, manly men. The accent. Wordplay. Might be sacrilege but I prefer Jake Thackray. Maybe I was hexed by the Castleford Ladies Magic Circle.

Great project, perfectly realised. Attractively packaged, informative sleeve notes, flyer and introductory letter from Mr Watterson.

Jake T