Recommended Read: Dread: The Art Of Serial Killing by Mark Ramsden

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Dread the art of serial killingDickens obsessive Mr. Madden is a spy whose mission is to infiltrate the right wing group England Awake!

He is also a serial killer known as The Chavkiller who is out to revenge his dead wife.

Dread: The Art Of Serial Killing by Mark Ramsden is violent, gripping, clever, touching and very, very funny.

The wordplay is witty and the structure is remarkably inventive.

Cultural references abound – high-brow, low-brow -and any book that mentions both Tony Hancock and Frankie Howerd is fine by me.

A belter!

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Richard Godwin – The Hardest Working Man In Noir Business


Insincerity By Richard Godwin.

My review.

“Lean, mean prose. Labyrinthine unguessable plot. Complex, haunted protagonists. The day I received Insincerity I was gifted, appropriately enough, three bottles of high intensity Psycho Juice chilli sauce. Just as the sauces had more texture and flavour than average, this searing story will also linger in the memory. A unique, utterly compelling tale of obsession and predation.”

richard godwin

Brit Grit Alley Saturday, October 15, 2016

‘I have had four novels already published this year, Savage Highway, The Pure And The Hated, Ersatz World, and Disembodied.’ snip. ‘That’s nine, not bad for a year, and next year looks like it will be eight, including the long -awaited release of the sequel to Apostle Rising.”

MR Nine? Nearly as many as me this year. Well,

actually about nine more than I have so far managed

but I have had one acceptance and there’s six months

left so…game on! (Spoiler. Richard might edge this one.)


I actually felt guilty disturbing the flow of this one man story tsunami so this chat is a little shorter than last time.  I’ve tried to make up for it with an especially baffling set of fonts. (It’s actually my tribute to punk, about forty years overdue.)

MR Is ‘Insincerity’ the most spare prose you have written? It seemed to me transatlantic – in a good way. It could have been written by an American. 

RG  No I would not say it is the most spare prose, I’d say maybe Wrong Crowd is. It may sound transatlantic as I may have been influenced by US authors such as James Lee Burke, a great great writer.

MR Love James Lee Burke. And Crumley, of course. 


MR You’ve been working out for some years now?

RG Yes pretty much all my life from school. I hold four black belts, have played various sports such as baseball, and now weight training and power lifting.

MR Is it possible to convert the split second decision making of martial arts on the page? 


RG Yes absolutely. Fast narrative yields fruits.

MR My question was badly phrased. I was wondering if you had written about MMA in your novels. (Which I should have said…doh!) I’d like to read some of that.

RG No I haven’t


 MR   Joe Rogan said MMA is  ‘high level problem solving with grievous physical consequences’.


RG    It’s a good observation considering the range of skills involved and yes it is dangerous, it’s what those guys sign up for, right? My trainer is an ex cage fighter and MMA specialist.

MR   Have you been injured practising MMA? It’s bound to happen some time isn’t it?

RG Yes of course broke two bones.

MR Massively ignorant generalisations coming up. Some martial artists look down on Krav Maga. Which works, though it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as, say, Wing Chung which seemed to me more like Chinese Ballet than a dirty, street fighting system. (In other words, I was too idle to get past the first few lessons.) What system would you recommend? 

RG   Krav Maga, Brazilian jujitsu, boxing, kick boxing. Wing Chung

looks good, but is pretty useless, ,like trad Jiu Jitsu the holds are based

on an archaic fighting system. Overhead arm locks for horse riders

bearing swords well we do not see those today. If you grab my wrist I

will head but you. Krav Maga is distilled from all the best systems into

one total system, but an ugly system. Do you remember tennis when it

was wining ugly? Win! Fights are not pretty. Kill.

 MR Will we see more of Tammy Wayne? (ex military PI in Insincerity.) 


RG We will!

Thank you, Richard!                                       we take what fathers we can

MR  The one constant throughout his widely varied work is the forward momentum, You just can’t stop reading. I was especially intrigued by Buffalo and Sour Mash (Down and Out books) Contemporary Western Noir. A psychotic American sets up a rodeo in Surrey.

Grips instantly. Sleek, bleak. Thrilling and chilling. 

Exceptional writer… crackling dialogue… dazzling. Read him.” – Luke Rhinehart, bestselling author of The Dice Man

That horrible taste in the back of your throat? That sense that something, some thing, has slipped up behind you and is walking in step? Celebrate them. Richard Godwin does — brilliantly.” – James Sallis, bestselling author of Drive

There’s some good interviews at Chin Wag at the Slaughterhouse including a fascinating exchange with the legendary Luke Rhineheart, we are not worthy. He has a new novel. 

Down and Out books are offering a free sample of 14 books and an introduction by Vincent Zandri