Freezing – savage star-studded comedy

The upper echelons of movies, telly and publishing get a pasting in this extremely funny, very sharp satire. There’s the most hilariously vituperative prolonged abuse of an historian, who more or less is David Starkey at the end of ep 2, when Hugh Bonneville’s decent publishing chap finally cracks. Tom Hollander and Hugh Bonneville have never been better. James Fox is a languid rival agent to Hollander’s ‘toxic yob’. Lots of gorgeous women, all stark raving mad. A cocky young director is making a Tarantino-esque costume drama: Hung Drawn and Slaughtered. Many other terrible projects are being treacherously agented throughout. Lots of insider gossip. Brilliant script by James Woods. Light years better than the stilted W1A. Three half hours of pure pleasure. All on youtube.