UKIP Intellectual on Women in Trousers: Rear View Boo-Hoo

This could be Ukip’s Dreams of My Father. (Obama’s inspirational memoir) A Greek Ukip donor is concerned that no one in the Anglo Saxon world has the courage to say they don’t like women in trousers. Eh? Read his mission statement and see a selection of photos he has helpfully taken, from the rear, to illustrate this aesthetic abomination. These derrieres he’s disparaging are actually divine, (Amazon look inside if you want to see why they didn’t pass the UKIP test). Not that we should be objectifying women in that way. Oh no.

Shouldn’t he stick to prancing with his mates? In white frilly skirts?

ps just spotted the photographer on this book is called Mott, which is ‘twat’ in North Eastern dialect. His first name os Adrian, initial A, so the photography is by A Mott. Sorry. This is all I have left to amuse myself.

Some wag has posted a review from which this comes:
“Quite why this book is not up there with the likes of “Three Collars Blue – an appraisal of the shirt in contemporary Poland ” and “Hose life is it anyway? – a critique in praise of Nylon Stockings” is beyond me. Indeed I might go so far as to suggest that this work may supplant the great magnum opus “Gussets – an inside story”.